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How to Effectively Write PeopleSoft Queries

What is PeopleSoft Query and how do you use it? PeopleBooks states that Query is “a tool that you use to retrieve selected data from the database.” I have…

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Gain Control over PeopleSoft Objects Migration!

I previously introduced Control M automation system as one way of taking control over your PeopleSoft environment on a daily basis. In this blog, I would like to introduce another

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Time Management: A Consultant’s Best Friend

Being late is one of my biggest pet peeves. I do not like people having to wait on me, because I know that everyone’s time is just as important as

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Passion in Consulting (More Than a Feeling)

Great consultants differentiate themselves from other consultants by being passionate in everything they do, from the beginning of a project to the end. Consulting can be a stressful career path

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Why Mentor High School Students?

Why is mentoring disadvantaged high school students important? The simple answer is that these students represent future generations of entrepreneurs and community leaders. Sometimes just a little time and help

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The Characteristics of Metrics that Matter: Actionable

The last blog posting on” The Characteristics of Metrics that Matter” discussed two key characteristics of an effective metric that determine its trustworthiness: accuracy and reliability. You wouldn’t want to make decisions

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It’s a Bug! Recommendations to Solve PeopleSoft Issues

As a support team, we often spend large amounts of time trying to solve a problem in PeopleSoft only to find out later that it is a bug in the system itself.

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You Can’t See the Big Organizational Picture? Reframe it!

Most corporate executives would agree that people are their most valuable asset. People manage (do things right), lead (do the right things), and follow (execute). Projects are often on a

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A Quandary When Compensation does not want to Use Salary Grades

The Animato team was asked to find a way to implement a 6-tier salary range, in addition to their existing 3-tier salary range, by jobcode and stay close to PeopleSoft

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PSPLDTL1 – Time and Labor Load to Paysheets Failed – “Dun-Dun-Dun…..”

It’s payroll Monday, it’s been a long day.  You finally get home from work and are looking forward to what is left of the evening spending time hanging out with

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