Gain Control over PeopleSoft Objects Migration!

I previously introduced Control M automation system as one way of taking control over your PeopleSoft environment on a daily basis. In this blog, I would like to introduce another tool that will help you gain even more control over your PeopleSoft environment: STAT change management for PeopleSoft. The implementation of this tool provides a solid ground for better version control and a more efficient change process. Animato clients have experienced increased productivity with STAT for PeopleSoft and have been pleased with its ability to integrate with ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). Animato is happy to share the benefits and hints you would like to know if you are thinking of implementing STAT for PeopleSoft.

STAT can help support a healthy PeopleSoft environment by:

  • Automating the migration process and moving projects and objects from one environment to the other, providing a synchronized PeopleSoft environment.
  • Capturing various interim archive sets and tracking the service ticket from start to end through its version control ability.
  • Allowing for object locking throughout the change process. Developers are able to work on PeopleSoft objects without interfering with each other.
  • Improving project management through automating task assignment, preventing unauthorized changes, and tracking approvals throughout the project workflow.
  • Generating delivered/custom reports and email notifications.

In order to establish interaction between STAT and the PeopleSoft environment, the following high-level configuration steps are necessary:

  • Deploy STAT software and install STAT Central Agent.
  • Create service domains, add connections to PeopleSoft databases, specify all connections to the PeopleSoft environments (including file locations and PeopleSoft Operator IDs), specify departments, object types, customers, data objects, and maintain proper security.
  • Maintain domain-specific setup: Generate PeopleSoft migration paths and workflows, specify CSR types/priorities/statuses/activity codes, and manage the business rules and auto tasks as necessary.
  • Create user IDs for all STAT users. Ensure they are assigned to the proper user class and have the necessary connections to the PeopleSoft databases and environments.
  • Install STAT applications for Windows clients on user workstations. You can also provide STAT web-based access to all users.

When working with STAT for PeopleSoft, pay extra attention to the following:

  • Object unlocking: Unlocking objects requires coordination between developers in order not to override objects unintentionally.
  • Resetting flags: Ensure flags are set properly in Application Designer so that all objects migrate properly to the target database. Compare reports are helpful in this area.
  • Manual steps: It is necessary to document any pre or post migration steps that are not automated within STAT. This will help migrators migrate projects successfully.



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