How to Effectively Write PeopleSoft Queries


What is PeopleSoft Query and how do you use it?  PeopleBooks states that Query is “a tool that you use to retrieve selected data from the database.”  I have used it quite a bit during my consulting career and even though I typically write Structured Query Language (SQL) extracts now, I know there are end users who don’t have that luxury and must use Query. That is why I decided to create this blog series showing end users how to quickly maximize their use of the tool. So, let’s get started.

There are eight steps involved in building a query, several of which are optional.  This blog post will only touch on the first step but don’t you worry, I’ll blog about all the other steps too. Following these steps, you’ll be able to quickly write PeopleSoft queries for any data extraction need.

Here are the eight steps to writing a query:

      1. Plan your query (the most important step)
      2. Select records
      3. Select fields
      4. Create expression (optional)
      5. Create prompts (optional)
      6. Define selection criteria (optional)
      7. Define HAVING criteria (optional)
      8. Run the query

 Step 1: Plan your Query:

  • Identify the purpose of the query – Who is the audience and what is the purpose for retrieving the data?
  • Identify the information to be included in the query – Which fields and records from the PeopleSoft database tables will be used?  Review the pages where users enter data you are interested in. 

Tip: Selecting Ctrl+J while in a data entry page displays the record containing the data.  This is not always the final location for the data but it is a start for locating fields and records.

  • Identify filter criteria Should the results be limited by a date range, location range, dollar range, etc.? It is important to know your audience’s needs to determine just what data they want to see.

Again, this blog is just to get you started and  prepare you for the next blog coming up soon that will dive down into the nitty gritty!  My ultimate goal is to help you gain confidence in writing queries so that you will be certain that the data you are pulling is 100% accurate.

If you have any questions, please post a comment or contact me using the button below. Until then, happy planning!



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